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    The workplace can be a dangerous place for nearly any profession, and it may be the site of a serious injury that could keep you out of the job for a significant period of time. Here is a look at some of the leading workplace injuries to be aware of as well as some tips for keeping yourself safe at on the job.


    Back pain

    Spinal injuries are a leading cause for trips to the emergency rotheom andy  they often take place on the job. Lifting is one source for back injuries, because many people fail to use the muscles of the legs to support heavy objects. Poor posture can also lead to back pain, so you should maintain good posture in any work environment whether you spend your day doing manual labor or sitting at a desk.



    Sprains and strains account for the highest volume of workplace injuries. They tend to occur in the limbs, but they can be spinal injuries as well. Sprains and strains are the result of overextension, which tends to occur through carelessness or efforts to complete a task quickly. Whenever you perform a physical task, you should keep your own physical limits in mind so that you do not end up with a painful soft tissue injury.



    Sharp objects pose a risk for cuts and scrapes in many workplaces, and these injuries can be a double threat due to the risk of infection with an open wound. Wearing protective gear and following recommended guidelines when working with sharp objects can prevent laceration injuries, and seeing a doctor right away after sustaining a cut will reduce the chances of a serious infection later on.



    Working in industrial kitchens or construction sites can expose you to extreme heat, which may lead to severe burns without proper precautions. You should never use heated equipment you are not trained to operate, and always protect your skin with gloves, aprons, and footwear that is resistant to heat and flames.


    At River Oaks Emergency Center in Houston, we can provide the immediate care you need following a workplace injury so that you are able to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. We also have a certified lab on-site to facilitate convenient drug testing to maintain a safer workplace. Learn more about us on our website or give us a call at (713) 526-2320




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    Sexually transmitted disease can be devastating and life threatening.  Call our center for more information


    New Review for River Oaks Emergency Center

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    • on John
    • I came in with severe Chest Pain and the staff immediately took care of me, diagnosed me with a heart attack and within 20 minutes I was in the operating room at the hospital where my artery was opened.

      They saved my life!


    GO FAR

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    GO FAR is an 8- or 10-week fitness program for school children, designed to reduce childhood obesity by teaching healthy eating habits, goal setting, and how to train for a 5K. A user-friendly curriculum helps coaches — teachers, parents, volunteers — offer the program to children of all abilities, most typically as an afterschool club.

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